My HomeLab:


For my firewall, I have a custom built box that runs pfSense. Inside my firewall, I have a VPN server for my LAN and a network-wide VPN for all outgoing PC connections. Furthermore, I have SNORT for my intrusion prevention/detection.


I'm running a Windows2016 Hyper-V server for my VM's. mostly due to the free licensing I get from my college. Some examples of VM's I'm running are a few Linux distros and windows releases for testing. Also windows server 2016 datacenter for some domain testing and storage management


This website is another example! I decided to use a cloud-based server. Before I take some heat for that choice, let me explain. Using a web-based server has been a neat new experience. It allows me to learn about web hosting and about how the emerging Iaas (infrastructure as a service) technology works. Another advantage is the security and ease of use.

Networked Devices

The quickly expanding market of internet connected devices gives me a chance to manage and secure new IOT devices. Or, at least try to 😉

Hey there pal! Hope you liked looking at some of whats in my lab. My lab is the best way for me to test and build my knowledge. You can expect my lab to grow with time.